1994 - 2010 Project 215-Jacob Gildor        
2011-2018 Project 216-Rachel Tauber        
2019 Project 217-Elinor Rotem        
Project 205 B-Celebrating 70 in Homage to Early Israeli Sculpture Project 218-Romy Nudelman        
Project 206 -Barry Stone-My Second Childhood Project 219-Roni Woldenberg        
Project 207 -Laliv Lanir Hirsch-Spiritscapes Project 220-Shaul Baz        
Project 208 -Spring sale Project 220A-From Collection to Collection        
Project 209 -Pregnant Men Project 221B-liking art 2020        
Project 210-See-Through 2021        
Project 211-Childhood Roots Project 222-David Gome        
Project 212-Shlomi Leizarov-Paintings Project 223-Cristina Weiss        
Project 213-Art of Shlomi Leizarov and friends Project 224-Four trails four artists        
Project 214-Edna Benes Project 225-Anat Smadar Maya        


Project 226-Chava Epstein